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Programs (What we do)

  1. Public presentations in townships, community centres, institutes of learning (universities, schools), churches, prisons, etc. about the benefits of a vegan plant-based diet.
  2. Vegan/Plant-based cooking demonstrations
  3. Movie and Documentary screenings


We advocate for a vegan plant-based diet (lifestyle) as a healthy way of life which is beneficial for all living things including the health of the people, the environment and animals.

We also advocate for a GMO-free world, as it has been proven through various studies beyond the shadow of a doubt that genetic modification is a serious threat to the health of humanity, animals and the environment.

We are nature, and we deserve nature’s best, and not chemically- or artificially-manipulated products.


  • Vegan Events
  • Speaking at events
  • Presentations in the workplaces to help staff understand how they can use the plant-based diet to improve their health status, energy levels and general productivity to meet the demands and beat the stresses in the workplace.
  • Vegan menu planning for restaurants, lodges, BnB’s and other places that offer food services.

About us

Vegan eKasi is a movement that aims to increase awareness about the benefits of a plant-based diet and healthy living in Black townships and disadvantaged communities in South Africa. This website is dedicated to inspiring, encouraging and assisting people eKasi to adopt and maintain a healthy vegan lifestyle in the simplest, cost effective and delicious way possible.. .
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Vegan eKasi

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