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By: Vegan Ekasi

The largest group of black organised plant-based ve‐ gans in the world, the African Hebrew Israelites invite you to this awesome annual gala dinner. The gala dinner themed “Culture: Our weapon and our shield” aims to offer you a chance to unwimd and treat your‐ self with divine life-giving and incredibly tasty vegan cuisine as well as live music and great company.

Date: Saturday, 10 November 2018. Venue: Clements Kadalie (East London) Time: 18:00pm- 00:00pm

For tickets please call the numbers on the poster. This is a family friendly event.

#veganekasi #AfricanHebrewIsraelites #blackvegans #nutrition #southafricanvegan

About us

Vegan eKasi is a movement that aims to increase awareness about the benefits of a plant-based diet and healthy living in Black townships and disadvantaged communities in South Africa. This website is dedicated to inspiring, encouraging and assisting people eKasi to adopt and maintain a healthy vegan lifestyle in the simplest, cost effective and delicious way possible.. .
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