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Anda Mtshemla


Where are you from?

I’m from Johannesburg and currently living in Cape Town.


When did you become vegan and why?

I was actually vegetarian for 8 years before I watched a few videos online about the dairy and egg industry. After that, vegetarianism just kind of stopped making sense for me. So, I committed to going to vegan for 22 days and now it’s been 2 years.


How has life changed since you became vegan?

Veganism for me has been an awakening. It’s opened up my mind and the way I view the world, and food too. It’s crazy because something I was super nervous about before going vegan was what I was going to eat for breakfast because that’s my favourite meal of the day and back then, my idea of breakfast was eggs, pancakes or cereal with milk. Since going vegan, I’ve discovered the huge variety of foods I was missing out on like smoothies, breakfast bowls and bakes, vegan pancakes and I can still enjoy most of my favourite cereals only now with a larger variety of plant milk options!


What challenges do you face as a vegan and how do you overcome them?

Honestly, I have the most amazing and supportive family which I think is something I’m finding to be quite rare in the vegan community so they are a big part of making this journey easy for me. One thing I will say is that as a vegan of colour in a community that is still mostly white, there are challenges in that sense. People tend to undermine you and assume that you can’t possibly know what you’re talking about when it comes to veganism on account of the fact that you’re black and that’s still something I’m learning to navigate.


What do you enjoy most about being vegan?

I love the effect it has on the people around me. My two younger sisters were skeptical at first but gave it a try and now love being vegan and make it work despite the limited options they have at boarding school. My dad, who was a BIG meat eater, is also making a transition to a more plant-based diet and my mom is super innovative and makes the most most amazing vegan dishes without even trying.

I also love the fact that every single day, I know that I’m doing something amazing for my well-being, the planet and the animals and I didn’t even have to make any huge sacrifices to do it. I only really had to change my thinking.


What do you see in the future for veganism in Africa?

I’ve always viewed veganism as something so authentically African because throughout history,  we’ve been agriculturalists, horticulturalists and so on. A lot of our diet, historically, must have been plant-based and so I see us coming back to ourselves and becoming our true selves.


What’s your favourite meal/food?

This is definitely the most difficult question! I LOVE breakfast the most because I feel breakfast food is unique to that meal time. But I absolutely adore pasta as well… It’s fool-proof and a great vessel for veggies and sauces. I love baking too so baked treats are definitely a pathway to my heart… Oh, why did you ask me this question!?


Where can people reach you on the networks?

Facebook: @24KarrotsEatery     

Instagram: @24karrotsonline



Thanks Anda for making the time to share your awesomeness with us! We truly appreciate it!

Enkosi kakhulu! 🙂



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